Payment Provider Calculator

Find out how much your payment provider will cost you!

Total revenue0.00$
with Cheapest Provider0.00$(Stripe, Gumroad, Gumroad Pro, Paddle, Paypal, Braintree, 2checkout 2SELL, 2checkout 2SUBSCRIBE, 2checkout 2MONETIZE, PayLane, PaySimple, Cheddar, Paymill Basis, Paymill Professional)

Payment Provider Cost Breakdown

Table displays detailed costs for each product and additional services!

2checkout 2SUBSCRIBE logo2checkout 2SUBSCRIBE0$4.50% + 0.4$0.00$-%0.00$
Stripe logoStripe0$2.90% + 0.3$0.00$-%0.00$
Gumroad Pro logoGumroad Pro10$3.50% + 0.3$10.00$-%-10.00$
Paddle logoPaddle0$5.00% + 0.5$0.00$-%0.00$
Paypal logoPaypal0$2.90% + 0.3$0.00$-%0.00$
Braintree logoBraintree0$2.90% + 0.3$0.00$-%0.00$
2checkout 2SELL logo2checkout 2SELL0$3.50% + 0.3$0.00$-%0.00$
Gumroad logoGumroad0$8.50% + 0.3$0.00$-%0.00$
2checkout 2MONETIZE logo2checkout 2MONETIZE0$6.00% + 0.5$0.00$-%0.00$
PayLane logoPayLane0$2.80% + 0.25$0.00$-%0.00$
PaySimple logoPaySimple54.95$2.49% + 0$54.95$-%-54.95$
Cheddar logoCheddar99$2.90% + 0.3$99.00$-%-99.00$
Paymill Basis logoPaymill Basis4.95$3.45% + 0$4.95$-%-4.95$
Paymill Professional logoPaymill Professional19.95$3.35% + 0$19.95$-%-19.95$

All numbers are calculated using the specified rates. We do not guarantee that the calculations are correct. Current fees of providers can differ from the above.